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Kids Class

Capoeira Kid’s Class Description

Capoeira is great for kids. It combines martial arts, gymnastics, music and dance. Capoeira is extremely active and acrobatic; it provides a fun challenging workout.

Children of all ages learn Capoeira very quickly because of their natural agility. The fun friendly atmosphere develops confidence and self esteem. Capoeira is also great for developing coordination. Capoeira movements involve the entire body; they develop strength and increase flexibility. The Capoeira music motivates and creates an exciting learning atmosphere. Children learn to sing in Portuguese and play the traditional Capoeira instruments.

How to Enroll

  • Minimum age is 5 years
  • Parents/Guardians must fill out a registration/release form prior to their child’s participating in a class. You can download the form in advance [download]  before coming to class, OR you can fill one out at the Capoeira studio when you bring your child to their first class
  • Please have an adult accompany your child to class, if under 18 years
  • PLEASE pick your child up promptly following their class. We cannot be responsible for children that arrive too early or stay beyond their scheduled class times
  • Parents/guardians are allowed to watch class but must respect the quiet during class rule. This applies to non-participating kids also!

On Site Class Info

  • Class Times Saturday Ages 6yrs & up 12:30-1:30 PM
  • All kids classes are mixed levels
  • Kid’s classes can be separated into groups, or together
  • New students can start class at any time during a session
  • Prior to attending a class please make sure to check our schedule & prices online to make sure classes are in session
  • Kids classes are divided into sessions; monthly sessions
  • Kids must wear the Capoeira Irmandade school uniform to class. (See Uniform Info)

Payment Options

$70 per month per child

  • Cost for the class is on a 5 class card basis, no drop in rates or pay per class
  • 5 Class cards can be purchased at the Academy
  • Kids can start at any time of the month, and class cards expire after 3 months
  • You can purchase monthly class cards with cash or check at the Capoeira studio or send Check / Money Order or PAYPAL ( you can also pay online on our “Pay For Classes” section of the website. Visa, Master Card and AMEX are accepted at the Academy.

** Please make checks payable to Jeremy Balcazar**

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