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    About Capoeira

    Although there has been many debates about the history and origins of Capoeira I give you one of these versions. I encourage you to seek out the many other versions and make your own conclusion.

    – Contra Mestre Risadinha

    Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art. Capoeira was originally practiced by the African slaves brought to Brazil by the Portuguese during nearly 500 years of slavery. The Africans brought with them their own cultures and rituals, but were not allowed to practice them. The movements were set to music and disguised to look like a dance or acrobatic game.

    Capoeira is an art that develops strength, grace, and confidence. It is a game that requires focus, commitment, constant movement and interaction. The sport attracts participants of all ages as it emphasizes on physical training, improvisation and creative self-expression.

    Dance, martial arts, gymnastics, and Culture come together in this energetic Brazilian art form! As a physical practice Capoeira develops strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination. As an art form, Capoeira fosters creativity, grace, and confidence.

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