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    About us

    Our group originally started at San Jose State University where a few students, Isaac, Carlos, Nehal, created a Capoeira student organization.

    These students were both instrumental and inspirational to the creation of Capoeira Irmandade. Through the years I have had many people help and support me with Capoeira and I would like to thank them as well.

    In 2008 we formed the Group Capoeira Irmandade along with my partner Adriano ” Baiano” of Salvador Bahia. After being under the direction of Mestre Vaguinho of Capoeira of San Jose for 16 years we ventured off on our own. We now are monitored by one of the great Mestres of today, Mestre Marcelo of Capoeira Mandinga.

    Our Philosophy

    At Capoeira Irmandade-San Jose we believe in positive energy, attitude and integration.

    We hold classes together for adults, children and senior citizens, this provides a perfect social balance and harmony. Our learning process is done in a very natural way without any unnecessary pressure. We are committed to developing strong individuals both mentally and physically . The true art of Capoeira takes time; it cannot be learned overnight. With commitment and proper training anyone is capable of learning Capoeira.

    What We Offer

    Capoeira classes, Music classes, demonstrations, performances, and cardiovascular workout.

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