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    Class Info / Schedule

    12:30 pm
    1:30 pm
    7:30 pm


    New Class Schedule May 2023:

    Mondays  -7:30-9:00pm All levels


    Class Info

    Class Cost:

    $18 drop in

    $120 10 class card {These cards only expire when you use all your classes}

    $70  5 Class card {These cards only expire when you use all your classes}

    $70 5 Class card for Kids Classes (3 month expiration)


    Roundhill Studios 1043 Garland Ave. Suite A, San Jose CA 95126 (Off Race St. across from St. Leo’s Church)

    408-318-3211 Jeremy Balcazar

    What to Expect

    Classes begin with a warm-up, and then proceed to focus on specific training techniques and combinations. These exercises are intended to prepare the students for the roda (the circle which surrounds the game) in which two people spontaneously interlock movements fueled by the singing, clapping and instrumentation of the other students. Its in the roda where you are free to explore your skills, your fears are faced. Stretching and flexibility exercises are done after class.


    First time students should wear comfortable clothing such as sweats or any kind of workout clothes. Shoes are not allowed on the dance floor but martial art shoes can be used. I recommend showing up to class at least 15-20 minutes before class starts to warm up and meet the others. Class is always open to beginners and I tell them not to worry so much with doing the movement right or wrong. “Just have fun and enjoy Capoeira.” We will have the older students work with you as well as myself. we are a very relaxed group with no pressure…

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