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    Follow Us! to teach the Capoeira art to everyone. To teach the rituals and traditions of Capoeira that have been taught by our Masters and Masters of past and present. We believe in creativity and take the time to bring out the best in every individual. Capoeira Irmandade was formed in 2008 by Contra Mestre Risadinha and Contra Mestre Baiano.

    Capoeira Youth School Programs

    June 16, 2014 at 1:19 pm

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    1. Lorenna melo says:

      My name is lorenna;I have a friend who her kids take classes with you.
      I am Brazilian and I used to do capoeira as well witch I love best!
      My daughter school will have an international event and I was wondering if you could come and show the kids some of the capoeira (is a public school) we are trying to have people coming to do for free and instead you could make your propaganda like talk to the kids about what is for you mind and body also distributing flyers …I really hope you could do so …i am sure the kids and all the adults would love to see this amazing “dance” if I can say so

      Thank you so much
      Looking forward to rearing from you


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